Award Winning Koji Pushchair

Michael Samuel Exhibits The Koji Pushchair

Michael Samuel, the author of the displayed work Koji - Pushchair by Michael Samuel illustrates, KOJI by Tutti Bambini is the little pushchair, for active parents who are always on the go. KOJI is compact and lightweight, and ideal for urban lifestyl <Cropped>

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Warm and White by Chien-Ming Lai

Chien-Ming Lai Demonstrates The Warm and White Interior Design

Chien-Ming Lai, the designer of the awarded design Interior Design by Chien-Ming Lai illustrates, Taking into consideration the client's preference, the designer primarily paints the entire space in white, and makes the public area boundary free <Cropped>

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Hair Salon by Mood Works-Dorota Kuc & Karina Snuszka

Mood Works-Dorota Kuc & Karina Snuszka Illustrates The Hair Salon Reinvented Hair Salon

Mood Works - Dorota Kuc & Karina Snuszka, the architect of the displayed project Hair Salon:Hair Salon Reinvented by Mood Works - Dorota Kuc & Karina Snuszka demonstrates, This hair salon ran and daily managed by talented and renowned hairsty <Cropped>

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Zhenghong Property Air Harbour Office by Aedas

Aedas Reveals The Zhenghong Property Air Harbour Office Office

Aedas, the creative mind behind the displayed project Office by Aedas illustrates, Strategically located near the Zhengzhou airport, the project is designed to provide office spaces for three different future occupiers: government, client corporate a <Cropped>

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Nirapai-Safety Plug.-Plug by Viroj Khanampornpan

Viroj Khanampornpan Shares The Nirapai-Safety Plug. Plug

Viroj Khanampornpan, the designer of the displayed project Plug:Nirapai-Safety Plug. by Viroj Khanampornpan says, Safety Extension Plug, single (2-pin) is designed to have a strong holding to tighten both plug and socket together in order to prevent <Cropped>

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Fn-3 by Projekt Produkt

Projekt Produkt Exhibits The Fn-3 Sunglasses

PROJEKT PRODUKT, the designer of the award winning work FN-3 - Sunglasses by PROJEKT PRODUKT explains, The slim frame of a metallic wire is simple and unique but not excessive. Metal is a structure that hides the lens of the rim and the screw holds i <Cropped>

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Lambrusco by Shumilovedesign

Shumilovedesign Spotlights The Lambrusco Wine Label Design

ShumiLoveDesign, the thinktank behind the awarded project Wine Label Design by ShumiLoveDesign illustrates, This design solution is aimed towards communicating the lively character of the product itself. Since Lambrusco wines are known for their s <Cropped>

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Award Winning Vibrolith Rbst Electro-Pneumatic Lithotripter

Acclaimed Designer Discloses The Vibrolith Rbst Electro-Pneumatic Lithotripter

The architect of the displayed project Vibrolith RBST by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, ELMED VibrolithRBST is an electro-pneumatic lithotripter. It works according to the principle of collision of a bullet, accelerated by compressed air with a stee <Cropped>

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Award Winning Shr Flex Frontal Head Restraint

Schroth Racing Creates The Shr Flex Frontal Head Restraint

SCHROTH Racing, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Award Winning SHR Flex Frontal Head Restraint illustrates, SHR Flex is a Frontal Head Restraint. It protects racers from severe or fatal upper neck injuries in high impact crashes. Its <Cropped>

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Spotlight by Rubén Saldaña Acle

Rubén Saldaña Acle Shares The Thor Spotlight

Rubén Saldaña Acle, the author of the award winning work Thor by Rubén Saldaña Acle says, Thor is a LED spotlight, designed by Ruben Saldana, with a very high flux (up to 4.700Lm), consumption of only 27W to 38W (depending on the model), and a de <Cropped>

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