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New Packaging Design Contest On a Global Packaging Leader in The Dispensing Technologies Invites You to Design a New Actuator For Aerosol Packaging With a Focus On On-shelf/On-line Style, Environmental Sustainability and User

New packaging design contest on a global packaging leader in the dispensing technologies invites you to design a new actuator for aerosol packaging with a focus on on-shelf / on-line style, environmental sustainability and user experience <Cropped>

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Boundless View by Shih Hsien Yuan

Shih Hsien Yuan Demonstrates The Boundless View Residential Design

Shih Hsien Yuan, the lead designer of the displayed design Residential Design:Boundless View by Shih Hsien Yuan demonstrates, In this project, the large-face open window is the core of the design, the landscape as the focus of decoration.Stone and wo <Cropped>

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Utopia and Collapse by Timea Andoka

Timea Andoka Illustrates The Utopia and Collapse Book

Timea Andoka, the project leader of the awarded design book by Timea Andoka explains, Utopia and Collapse documents the rise and fall of Metsamor, the Armenian atomic city. It brings together a history of the place and a photographic research with so <Cropped>

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Apartment Remodeling by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Malibu Apartment Remodeling

The architect of the highlighted project Malibu - Apartment Remodeling by Acclaimed Designer points out, Completed in 2009, 800m² duplex apartment in São Paulo, designed for a young enterprising businessman,relies heavily on innovative and hi-tech <Cropped>

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Bag:blue Seed Bag by Katsuaki Sato

Katsuaki Sato Demonstrates The Blue Seed Bag Bag

Katsuaki Sato, the project leader of the displayed project Award Winning Blue Seed Bag Bag points out, The unique point of this bag is the exactly same bag does not exist. The blue plastic sheet has been used to protect or temporary repair the roofs <Cropped>

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Multi-Dwelling Residential Apartment by Harsh Boghani-The Crossboundaries

Harsh Boghani-The Crossboundaries Creates The Awakening by The Pool Multi-Dwelling Residential Apartment

Harsh Boghani - The Crossboundaries, the maker of the displayed work Award Winning Awakening by the Pool Multi-dwelling Residential Apartment illustrates, Animate pads are fun to design. They demand eclecticism and imagination, in exchange for an oft <Cropped>

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Fruttizie:matilde Vicenzi by Giulia De Andreis

Giulia De Andreis Shares The Matilde Vicenzi Fruttizie

Giulia De Andreis, the architect of the awarded work Giulia De Andreis's Matilde Vicenzi Fruttizie says, It was a challenge to make Fruttizie’s innovative recipes believable for a brand that always represented the traditional Italian pastry pr <Cropped>

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Rotating Planes by Lorenzo Quaglietta

Lorenzo Quaglietta Spotlights The Niko Rotating Planes

Lorenzo Quaglietta, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Rotating Planes:Niko by Lorenzo Quaglietta says, This structure consists of two rotating planes positioned on a supporting suspended element in the form of a triangular section fixe <Cropped>

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Award Winning Urban Waterfront Residential House

Hsi Wen Yeh and Shu Wei Lo Shares The Urban Waterfront Residential House

Hsi Wen Yeh and Shu Wei Lo, the creative mind behind the awarded project Urban Waterfront - Residential House by Hsi Wen Yeh and Shu Wei Lo points out, The space is located at Zhubei River in Taiwan, and is built into an opened landscape painting scr <Cropped>

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Glove by Anne-Christin Schmitt For Otto Kessler

Anne-Christin Schmitt For Otto Kessler Discloses The Otto Kessler-Wave Glove Glove

Anne- Christin Schmitt for Otto Kessler, the creator of the highlighted design Award Winning Otto Kessler - Wave glove Glove spells out, A new and ultra-modern interpretation of a classic glove. These gloves come in finest glacé leather with piped d <Cropped>

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